Pardon the long delay. I've been preoccupied with a sick Olivia and work and being generally lazy. What else is new, right?

So I'm looking forward to Christmas. Moving away from home has been an adjustment, and it doesn't really become 'real' until a holiday rolls around. When you're in school, you go on 'break' and stay home for weeks. It's still your house at that point, and school is just time away from home. When you graduate, get your own place, 'home' suddenly becomes this elusive concept. You can go home, but in the end it's just your parents house now. You no longer get worry-free break time at home for weeks, you get the alotted vacation time from work (which, by the way, is 2 days). I managed to save up 3 extra vacation days, though, so I'll be spending the majority of the week after Christmas home, which will be nice. I'm gonna try to get another comic up before then, but if I don't, Merry Christmas everyone!

Or happy holidays or whatever the PC way of saying it is nowadays. You young people and your damn alternate religions.

Not that I'm even christian.