My good friend (we've spoken before, I swear) Ty Halley made me a guest comic! It cost me a Red Bull, but it was totally worth it. He had a few comics back in the day that I always was a fan of (Halley's Comic, that one after it that I forget the name of, then Halley's Comic again but this time it was a journal comic), but he's currently doing one called That's Inhuman. It's very well written and very well realized, and though I haven't been through the entire archive yet (there's a good 120 or so strips, I should be done by the end of the day), all of the strips I've seen have been as solid as I expected (and I expected a lot).

Anyway, sorry for being incommunicado on this site for as long as I have. I've been going through somewhat of a tough time (comparatively, anyway -- my life is pretty easy, so I don't presume to say that it's been harder than anyone else's) and haven't felt any kind of inspiration to draw, let alone draw a whole comic. I can't guarantee that I'll be back to fighting strength any time soon, but I've gotten three or four concerned emails and I just wanted to say that I'm totally okay. I'm not dead or anything. Please stop sending condolences to my parents. (Send pizza)

In other news, remember Mike and Kiera? They've been featured a few times. They're getting married this weekend! I'll probably at least do a comic about that, so be on the lookout on Monday or Tuesday for a new one.

See you eventually!