My friends got married this weekend, and it kind of made me reflect on my life. I need to make some changes, I think, before I drive myself insane, haha.

SO. The 24 hour comic book challenge this year is on Saturday! My buddy Zac is coming all the way to Pittsburgh to participate. Fellow militiamen Barry and Riot are going to be participating too (though Riot's gonna be doing it via Skype from Long Beach)! For anyone local to the Pittsburgh area, Barry, Zac, and I will be at the Toonseum downtown. Feel free to stop by during the day Saturday, or on Sunday morning before noon to take a gander at our progress!

ANYWAY, that's all I've got for you today. Come back soon, now, y'hear? There will likely be some stuff here for you to look at. I'm finally finding my art groove again.


Okay so obviously that never happened. Dave here, 4 years later. I'm going to leave this up probably for the rest of all time as is, but won't be updating and Id anymore. Thanks for reading! I'm still doing art, and still sometimes making comics. If you're curious, you can find me over at tumblr!

-Slightly older and wiser Dave